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Dichroic paper

• The first square shows Dicro Slide capped, the second square shows Dicro Slide Uncapped.
• The second image shows Dicro Slide in its raw state.
• A Revolutionary Way to Use Dichroic!
• No glass cutting necessary, simply cut with scissors or use a paper punch. The creative possibilities are endless. Premium dichroic coating changes colors depending on angle it's viewed from. Best of all, Dicro Slide has no COE and is compatible with all glass. It can be fired between layers of glass or on top of glass, or on glaze fired ceramics. Includes instructions for easy reference while creating.
• Color shift may vary slightly between individual pieces of Dicro Slide. Colors change depending on the color of glass used as a base. Differences in monitor settings may affect how colors are displayed.
• WHAT IS DICRO SLIDE Dicro Slide is a special paper which has been coated with the same high quality Dichroic coating as Dichroic glass. The result is a layer of Dichroic strong enough to be transferred to glass or ceramics. The versatility of Dicro Slide makes design possibilities unlimited. It offers something new and exciting to art glass.
• Dicro Slide has no COE so it works well with most glass. It can be cut with scissors, paper punches or craft knives, is simple to use. Try layering Dicro Slide, or cut it in long, thin strips, and gently twist to produce a woven effect. It fires easily to 1500° F or higher. Recently, Dicro Slide was test fired to over 1650° F, then successfully combed. Dicro Slide begins bonding with glass at about 1100° F, and flows with glass as it moves or slumps.

• 1. Cut or punch Dicro Slide into different shapes and sizes.
• 2. Soak the Dicro Slide pieces in 1/4 to 1/2 water for 1 to 2 minutes.
• 3. Remove Dicro Slide from water, gently blot excess water on paper towel.
• 4. Carefully slide and position Dicro Slide on glass, (it is stronger than it looks). If Dicro Slide does not release easily, soak longer.
• 5. Fuse as usual.

• 1. Dicro Slide is compatible with most COE glass, and has been used successfully on ceramics and porcelain.
• 2. Distilled water is recommended! Minerals in tap water may react with the dichroic layer, discoloring or causing damage to it.
• 3. Dicro Slide works well uncapped, but like all genuine Dichroic, does not fuse to itself or against other metals. It can be fused against Dichroic glass, Iridized glass or other glass with a metallic layer if capped.
• 4. Store Dicro Slide so coated side of dichroic paper is away from other coated dichroic paper surfaces.

    woensdag, 21 oktober 2020  

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